International Business, Wealth and Financing Consultancy

Birthed out of a desire to provide the platform and services required to ensure business success, continuity, and excellence. Leveraging relationships formed and solidified over many years Conligo Consulting provides the bedrock you need to ensure that your business is structured correctly, tax efficient, has the cash flow required to succeed and the experts to make it happen.

Welcome to Conligo Consulting

Founded in 2017 by Robert Linder, Conligo Consulting is the culmination of 20 years of experience, dedication and passion resulting in a wealth of expertise, tried and tested relationships and business success. Roberts desire and passion has always been to help others which is evident in his many charitable contributions as well as his unrelenting efforts to see the people and businesses that surround him prosper.


The company’s foundations are deeply rooted in its core values, Integrity, Equality and Transparency where our underlying prerequisite is that every interaction must result in a mutually equitable outcome. We are not bound by greed or the pursuit of self-enrichment but rather a firm belief that there is enough for all. Ultimately, everyone that we interact with must be happy, achieve their desired result and most importantly work side by side with us as we assist our clients to acquire, manage and build their Global Investment portfolios over a long period. For the majority of our clients our relationship aspirations are long term.

Conligo Consulting has aligned with a number of tried and tested strategic partners and offers a range of  services including Mortgage, Debt, Debt/Equity Funding, Offshore Structuring, Tax Efficient Strategies, Offshore Bank Accounts, Alternative Investment and Wealth Solutions, Visa and Residency programs, Immigration Services as well as Special Clearance and FX capabilities.

Choosing to work with Conligo Consulting assures you of our deepest respect daily, our personal hands on approach and most importantly the unparalleled commitment we make in ensuring that our clients are looked after at all times, protected and guided as we navigate our way through the incredible and exciting world of global business. We know how hard you have worked to make money, and with this, we take what we do very seriously. We bear the responsibility of ensuring favourable outcomes in all that we do and our every interaction.

Join us on this journey and look back in 5, 10, 20 years from now with us side by side as we celebrate our collective success, diversification, gains, wealth creation and wealth preservation firmly in place and secured for our kids and future generations.

The time is now, let’s create something spectacular together.

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