Corporate Social Responsibilty

Over many years, we have built relationships with a number of individuals and organizations involved with Government Grants and Funding projects. Our management team has assisted entrepreneurs and new business owners to plan new ventures, prepare Business Plans and secure funding.

We have provided a range of services including Mentorship, Accounting, Human Resources and Strategic Planning. Our involvement can also take the form of helping an aspiring entrepreneur realize

their dream, becoming a Partner in a new enterprise or providing start-up capital as an angel investor. We especially look for opportunities where the needs of all parties are served, which create employment, provide education and ultimately deliver benefits to the wider community.

We believe that “If you can dream it you can do it” Every year we donate a portion of our net profits to social projects. The Founding partners of Conligo Consulting believe that mental and physical health are

the cornerstones of overall well-being and happiness. We have provided support for care home facilities in the Western Cape, child abuse rehabilitation centres and NGOs, whose specific focus is on mental health, psychological and psychiatric care.

Our team provides pro bono volunteering in these areas, in addition to funding projects which positively impact the lives of our community.